I got into a huge fight with a guy friend of mine and I fell for him pretty damn hard and he didn’t like me he crushed my heart and we still remained friends after like nothing even happened and he did something with one of my shady friends and he had a girlfriend so... Continue Reading →



Drinking wine and thinking about my lost friend. 6/26 will be the date he left this plane of existence 7 years ago. Boyfriend will be here soon, not really in the mood to even see him. Friend invited me out to the gym, don't want to go. Just want to drink more and cry lol.... Continue Reading →


Sam Ibraheem: I have a long story but it's simple, since the day I was born my parents have spoiled me so much I felt the world owed me something. I'm still spending my dad's scarce money like there's a river of it or something, I'm sure my dad doesn't really love me but he... Continue Reading →


I'm laying next to you in bed and all I want to do is be far, far away from you. So while you sleep deeply, I'll be awake silently crying with these dark thoughts. I dont want to feel like this I dont want this anymore You make me feel so much worse than what... Continue Reading →


Right now I'm suicidal. And I want to talk to someone about it but I'm grounded from my phone and Snapchat doesn't work on my kindle so it's really getting to me. I just wanna talk to my friends about how I feel. Or maybe contact the national suicide prevention lifeline but I can't even... Continue Reading →


Girl: Am married with a kid now. My husband s a good partner. I got married by force and also to forgot my past love. I can't say him as ex. Because we haven't not spent a day as lovers. He is my school friend. We r much close and no secrets between us. There... Continue Reading →


i dont know anymore, i feel like it's stupid how most teens from 13 years old and above always wanna be in a relationship, what's so good about it? i personally dont understand why it's so important to most people, but that's probably because i've only ever felt infatuated for one person and have never... Continue Reading →


i’m 16 and i’m going to be a junior in high school. basically to get the big thing out of the way is i’ve fallen in love with my straight best friend. i’ve known her since 7th grade and she’s the sweetest happiest person i know. she brings me so much joy and i am... Continue Reading →


Being bisexual AND coming from a conservative Indian family where women are labeled as characterless and prostitutes without hesitation, is a horondous combo. I have a father who cares more for his brothers,who btw have proved that they dont give two fucks about his well being. Calling my aunt out for being a single mother... Continue Reading →


i think i might have bipolar disorder. i needed to check online for symptoms just to make sure, and i qualify for a lot of them. i haven’t told my parents or friends because i think they would just brush it off as mood swings and being overreactive. when i had an annual doctors checkup,... Continue Reading →


i just said goodbye to my longest friend ever. 7 years of us being friends. we won’t go to the same school anymore and i honestly think we’re gonna drift away. that’s the saddest thought i’ve thought of in a while. i’m gonna miss her. i hope i’ll see her again, and we’ll talk to... Continue Reading →


my crush said he had feelings for me, but i turned him down and said he was a great friend. i was scared of what would happen next and what my parents would think. (he’s three years older btw) he’d do those anonymous polls.go thing and when the question “who am i to you” would... Continue Reading →


just a friend: it's been months since i last made a confession about you. in all honesty, i haven't been thinking of you anymore. i think of you as often as i cross your mind: rarely? never, rather? im not sure. except when i see things that remind me of you, of our friendship that... Continue Reading →


I've been with my fella 7 years. I wanted to marry him after about the first year. I always knew he was the only one I wanted to spend my life with. He's never believed in marriage, but said when we ever got pregnant we would get married. He can be a total a-hole, terrible... Continue Reading →


Someday, somewhere, I'll try. I just can't bear to never hear your sweet laugh again, as forgotten as childhood memories. Eventually, I'll try. I promise one day I'll try my best to win your affections, even though I never will and you can do so much better. Even though I'll lose the glorious sight of... Continue Reading →


I love you. I love you, I love you, I love you. Some say love isn't real if it's one-sided, but you're my everything. I was inexplicably drawn to you from the moment we met, and my eyes have never left you since, even though you've never spared me a parting glance. Whenever I move,... Continue Reading →

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