Fallen in love with my best friend. She is married with a kid.


shadbryant@protonmail.com: i am 100% a voyeur. i am most excited to watch someone shit/piss, shower, masturbate or any other activity they are doing without knowing than any prospect of having sex with them..even if i already have and can again. things i have seen without them knowing 1.girlfriends toilet activities and her intense study after... Continue Reading →


🌻🍁 Hey. I haven't written about you here in ages. And I guess today will be the last time that I do. I hope so. But I don't think we're going anywhere anymore. I feel like I can't do anything to salvage this friendship of ours, to somehow bring things back to what they were.Like... Continue Reading →


bad dad: I want to ram my xoxk into every hole on my stepdaughter's body. I have seen her nudes. I have watched her fuck 3 guys at once when she did not know I was home. I have watched her masturbate when she left her bedroom door open. I know she wants to fuck... Continue Reading →


I keep dreaming about and imagining my dad's funeral. I don't particularly want him dead, honestly he has no impact on my life either way, but that funeral would be the one chance I have to meet his half of my family but I'm not sure I'll even get told when he dies. We only... Continue Reading →


dear tuxie, i don't know who you are. you probably don't either. i have no idea as how to you look, what you're thinking about right now, what you hate, your height, the color of your socks (if you're wearing them) and the scent of your hair. shit, i've been assuming you were a girl.... Continue Reading →


plsdontjudge: not to be any kind of phobic, and i know it's 2019, but i wish was straight. things were going so well for so long, now it feels like somebody flipped a switch on me. i hate it. i just want to get back to who i was. i wish this was OCD. but... Continue Reading →


Isla: I've been through hell for the past year. I've been cheated on, betrayed. I thought I have forgiven you, but every fucken day, I get reminded of the pain. It feels as if there is nothing I can do to protect myself from destruction. "Inevitable", I tell myself. I get scared to even close... Continue Reading →


I'm sorry that I wasn't good enough for you or any one. I just wished that i was cooler and that I wasn't a burden to you or anyone around me. I am so sorry for letting you see my like this . I am just a disgusting waste of space and I am so... Continue Reading →


inchik: 2019 June 7, I wrote about you here. Almost everywhere I have been, they knew about you. My mind has found something to think about when I am standing alone, eating, just at any time of the day. And when I am not, fate gets in the way to remind me to think of... Continue Reading →


i can't help at home anymore because of school work and i feel so guilty because of that. i always just go to school, study, go home, do my projects, then go to sleep. i'm guilty because i haven't been able to help at home and that really sucks, my parents are working real hard... Continue Reading →


A.: its been awhile since you and i part ways. about a year i think. i'm gonna say that i've moved on from you and happy cause you've found your new love. i am too. i love him, and i know i really am. but there's strange things that happening to me. every time i... Continue Reading →


I don't know what type of people around me. I never meet a good friend in my life. After long time I found a good friend and but somehow, somewhere think so he just feel Insulting that I am her friend. Don't know Whenever I said him we will meet soon he start avoiding conversation.... Continue Reading →


🐰/🐨: It’s been a few months to almost a year now, I still miss you. I really do. But I guess, in the end we are just bound to fall apart. If I never gave it a shot to let you in, I would have never known. I would have spent so many nights wondering... Continue Reading →


PP: Sometimes, I couldnt avoid it but to feel worthless to this family. Eventhough I was the one who cared for them like every minute I worry about them, I had to make plans ahead for food and things that should be done at home so that it wouldnt be a mess. I cant even... Continue Reading →

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