Guy again: Admittedly I am a little drunk at the moment. However I feel incredibly sad. In a bar and thinking about my life. I have made many mistakes, quit many things and failed a lot. I don't really have any friends. For the past 8 years I would turn down invitations because I was... Continue Reading →


Guy: I traveled to Colombia to meet a woman I met online. We met on a language exchange site and started communicating via WhatsApp. After about 7 months of talking we decided to meet in person. So I purchased tickets to travel to meet her during her birthday. I made for us to visit 3... Continue Reading →


Help me: I love my BF. But I am obsessed with this guy at work. And this guy he looks good but is not even my type. When he joined my work, he used to stare at me and check me out all the time. I wasn't interested at first but over a period of... Continue Reading →


A Joke: I don't think anyone will ever love me. I've isolated myself socially since I was a kid. I'm becoming more and more afraid to leave the house and I'm afraid I'm going down a slippery slope. My heart races just reaching for front door handle. Who would want to get mixed up in... Continue Reading →


Maya: Once when I was 16, I was driving and I got cut off and I got mad so I cut them off and then they followed me and then we stopped and we got out of the car to yell at each other and after the fight I told them to go back to... Continue Reading →


I went for a fling. I am officially middle aged & have a happy family, a secure job. This guy was flirting, & I flirted too, & very soon I fell for him. He is harsh & manipulative & I knew this all along. He actually wanted me to Chuck my marriage & child, &... Continue Reading →


Almost 5 years ago I found out I was unexpectedly pregnant. I didn't really want the baby at first, my marriage was in trouble, I was 41, my other kids were almost grown. But I did it anyway, bc although I sorry about choice, u couldn't do it myself. Now, I'm almost 46, I have... Continue Reading →


it's a normal rainy day but that adds to the mood of this story. im at school and lunch has just started, my guy friend goes to my seat like usual and we go and put our books in our locker (we share one locker since he doesn't have one), my other friend, let's call... Continue Reading →

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