🌻🍁: --For only a second-- We talked so much that day. And by that, I think an hour or more. About problems and grudges and everything wrong. And fuck, does it feel great to vent to someone who understands. I received hugs that I have longed for; and it felt damn amazing. The warmth of... Continue Reading →



李Autumn: I'm so tired pretending that I'm fine. Every single day is a struggle since you left. Every night is a fight between my heart and mind. You're probably flirting with other girls now, how fortunate for you when I'm left broken. But I guess it doesn't really matter, because as you said I'm no... Continue Reading →


K: I dreamt of you last night… It was the happiest I’ve been since we split. It felt so real. Your hand in mine and mine in yours. I saw a smile that was meant for me. The smile you hate so much. I miss you so fucking much. Tell me babe do you regret... Continue Reading →


maroon: they ask why i act so tough, why i dont seem to care about guys trying to check me out, why i appear to be unbothered by being single. my answer is simple: i dont want to start catching feelings for the wrong people. i would rather be caught off guard doing the things... Continue Reading →


🌻🍁: I just can't believe that I fell for him. It almost seemed impossible even getting closer to him at first, but somehow, here I am. Hopelessly falling once again. I don't know if it was the way your soft, brown eyes would meet my gaze; even just for a second. The way you always... Continue Reading →


miss smiley: i met this guy, at the beginning of 2018. i was a part of an organization in our local church, and he was an altar server. my brother at the time was also an altar server (but he quit after a few months) and he was very close to the guy i met.... Continue Reading →


He’s not feeling me like I’m feeling him. I’ve been rejected so many times that I’m used to it, but it’s still also a shitty feeling because I feel like I’m never given a chance to be myself and display my best qualities…it’s not going to stop me from moving to Australia though. My dreams... Continue Reading →




Aosdoam: I love seeing my friend’s art, they deserve to be loved and be happy. Don’t feel so bad about your art, it’s such a waste if you don’t like your art. Imagine on how long you’ve made and kept trying until you improved. Everyone’s art is beautiful just like you, you exist in this... Continue Reading →


So there’s this guy I know and I think I am IN LOVE with him. I find myself thinking about him all the time and whenever I see him my heart flutters and I just feel like going “EEEEE!”.I like, like, like him, but I have no clue what to do!I don’t think I should... Continue Reading →


海鮮丼: 本当は今でも君が好き。でも、君のためにも別れを決断しました。今でもやっぱり忘れられない。君が大好きだよ。でも、手を離したのはあたし自身。ごめんね、こんな彼女で。ありがとう、とても幸せでした。

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