You know i regret it, i regret everything, i keep kicking my luck away, i am stupid i realize, i am left with no one now, no Morrow to grow more bonds, no life left for me, i feel empty All the time, i am not timeless, i know i will not last like this,... Continue Reading →


---Transformation into a demon--- For the moment, I have been merely lucky. We’ll see if it runs out this time. Last week, a five year old girl that I babysit for fondled my aroused genitals. Her hand was down my pants for at least a whole minute. Yes, I did cross a line. The only... Continue Reading →


🐨🐰: She Wanted To Stay But You Pushed Her Away You were her all. She loved you unconditionally and fought for you with every part of herself. She only had eyes for you and gave you everything she had. She tried to meet your expectations and be the girl you wanted her to be. She... Continue Reading →


Fetish: Since i was a kid i had been a mommy boy we shared the same bed until i was 17 since we lived in a apartment and the living roon was my older sister room. As i grew up my mom would leave her dirty panties in a basket or floor in the restroom.... Continue Reading →


PP: I know you wont see this coz you dont know about this page but I just want to blurt out that I miss you so much and I was hoping that you miss me too eventhough just the tiniest bit. I remembered your birthday too! It was July 3, I wished you enjoyed it.... Continue Reading →


-: I am 18. My parents fight everyday and i have seen them like this since i was a kid. Seeing them like this kills me. This has started to affect my relationship with friends and family. I am never in a good mood and i push everyone away from me. I can’t concentrate on... Continue Reading →


a-man: I am 36 year old married man. I waste time at night by chatting in annoymous chatrooms. i fake my id as female and engage in sexual chat . I experience my unfulfilled fantasies in those chats. My sex life with wife is NIL as she is busy with baby who is 1 year... Continue Reading →


So I have these 'friends' that I gave all my effort and love on, gave all my time and heart to but lately they all seem to forget why I just stayed around. So the last few months, I haven't been around because I'm too busy with my studies and when I finally got around,... Continue Reading →


Today is my sister's birthday and I didn't go visit her with my mum and other sister. I had a panic attack last night about 1am for the first time in months (yay recovery) due to a lot of things, including the fact I don't like my family when we're all together because we get... Continue Reading →


Califlwr: I'm so exhausted. I feel like I'm repeating the same day over and over, the same routine, same feelings, same meaningless drama. I'm so sick of it. I just want to feel alive and be happy, but I'm constantly drained and everything feels so pointless. I just feel dead.


Lixijie: Before, now matter what you do I kept on choosing you, until to the point the I know that you're lying already I pretended not to know and turn blind eye. But do you know, do you know how much that broke me? Maybe you don't because I've been acting fine the whole time.... Continue Reading →


My fiancé has had a love for someone almost our whole relationship- 4 years. Most people would just leave, but she hasn’t had any physical contact with this person in over 8 years. He is married and has children. They had been talking for a while and, today she let me know she finally told... Continue Reading →

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