For The Lost 迷子俱楽部 is a confession club catered for those lost souls. Everyone is once a lost soul. The sleepless souls, the depressed souls, the anxiety-driven souls, the uninspired souls, the heartbroken souls and the guilty souls. All souls are welcomed here. It’s a world where we can’t always get to express what we felt, so let’s leave all of our unsaid words here.

Feel free to visit this website anytime, whether 4pm/4am or a time where you are deep in your thoughts. Thinking about that special person, reminiscing about the good times, upset about something or regretted something. Anything good or bad, just remember that you are loved and you are worth it. If you ever need to find someone to talk to, just add “To admin” in your confession and I will reply to you shortly. Alternatively, you can also message us at Penguinismm ペンギンの芸術and For The Lost 迷子俱楽部

This is tuxie. Thanks for the continuous support. I love you and I hope you love yourself too.

“Art should comfort the disturbed and disturb the comfortable.”  – Banksy

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Facebook: Penguinismm ペンギンの芸術 / For The Lost 迷子俱楽部

Instagram: Penguinismm ペンギンの芸術

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