To shorten the story, basically, at my homecoming dance, my best friend confessed to his girlfriend (“my friend” but I’m basically a shit person and i actually dont like her) that he has been cheating on her with multiple people. Suprisingly they are still dating because shes dumb. Keep in mind, I knew that he was cheating for at least a month. Another red flag for how shitty I am. Anyways recently I spent the night at his house. My parents were worried about me going over there because you know boys and girls. We had fun. Then we made out. Not because we like each other. I promise we dont. Quite honestly there was a lot of sexual tension that whole night and I think we both didnt say anything because we both thought it would make things awkward. Later, after making out for a while he asked if I wanted to try having sex. I thought about it for a while. I said yes. Only reason why I was debating was because I was worried about how my parents would feel if I ever told them. They would probably be disappointed. I still did it anyways because I just wanted to try it. He wasnt going to force me, if I didnt want to. This was just my solid choice. Plus I did give him blue balls by accident because I JUST NATURALLY FLIRT AND IM JUST NATURALLY GOOD AT SEDUCTION IM SORRY I DONT KNOW WHY! So we did it. It was fun. Next morning, we did it again. Next time I go over there we probably might do it again. Remember my “friend”? I dont really feel bad about it. And no. It’s not to get back at her. I just did it for the experience. Plus I rather do it with someone I trust with my life then someone else. I only worry about my parents. Either way I wont tell them. I might one day but not anytime soon. I dont think it bothers me much because we dont love each other. We’re just major friends with benefits. Plus I hate relationships and I lack feelings like that so that could be a factor too. I am sore today though

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