I posted on anon but I may refer as sun. So these days, my dorm mates are ignoring me. They somehow gave me these looks when I was with them. I don’t know what to do so I cried when they talked together, leaving me behind. They didn’t want to sit near me, always leaving me all alone. They talked behind my back. But I tried to entertain them by cooking meals for them but it’s flat out didn’t work, they still acted the same. I also space out a lot, talked to myself. When does God going to call me? I’m so sick, I can’t take this anymore. I am mentally and physically sick. But everyone is just so oblivious. Or maybe they don’t care. I don’t know. I’ve been talking to my boyfriend and I just feel so insecure about myself. He is an asexual and he never said he like or love me as in a relationship. It’s just yesterday, I cried my eyes out in my dorm room. Please. I just want them to understand that I’m depressed and they somehow make it worse.


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