I have always held liberal/progressive/whatever values, and I still hold them. But for a couple of years now, the left has become a real goddamn mess and my confession is that I’m fucking fed up with a lot of the hypocrisy.

I’ll give you and example about something that nobody seems to give a fuck about, and it has to do with white men. Yeah, I know. You’re sick of “but won’t anyone think of the white men!” pieces whining about how unfair it is for white men to be confronted about all the bullshit they’ve done and gotten away with for centuries. Or maybe you think this is another “don’t make white men mad or they’ll shoot up a fucking mall” piece blaming everyone else for mass shootings except the white men doing them. But I’m not saying any of those things. I agree that white men need to set things right and stop fucking killing people because they don’t know how to accept it when a woman isn’t into them.

I’m talking about all the white men who have mental health problems like severe depression. You might mean “fuck white supremacists or misogynists!” but when all you say is “fuck white men!”, he hears “fuck John Doe!” So he says “hey we’re not all bad people” because he needs that validation that he’s actually worth something because he’s one of the good people. But you don’t think about that or care about it if you do think about it so you say “then I’m not talking to you” and what he hears is “you’re the fucking problem in the world, you selfish fuck”. Or maybe you say “you still have white privilege and all the power as a man”, and what he hears is “you’re what’s wrong in the world just because you were even born” because he couldn’t help what kind of skin he had or if he was a guy.

What’s he supposed to do about that so that he’s not what’s wrong in the world? You call it a privilege because as a white man he has unearned and unfair advantages, but a privilege can be revoked or surrendered. Come up with a better term for those unearned and unfair advantages. He can’t give up being white and being male shouldn’t be revoked. All he can do is try to be a good person and you just told him he can’t even be one if he wanted to. He was born to be bad for the world.

So maybe John Doe just quits even fucking trying to get involved because nobody wants him there anyway. But you know what else he’s likely to do? Go out and get a gun and fucking shoot himself because he already knows he’s not good enough to live and the world will be better off without him in it. He knew it all along and you just confirmed it. Most gun deaths are men committing suicide. Look it up. Nobody talks about that because nobody cares.

It would be so easy for you to say “fuck white supremacists and fuck misogynists!” instead of just saying “fuck white men!” and I know you can do that. You know how I know? Because you can say “women and Black people and Latinx people and Asian people and LGBTQIA people and Muslims and Hindis and indigenous people and disabled people and immigrants” all in one breath. You know how to differentiate when you want to. You just don’t fucking care. Maybe you even think one less white man in the world is a good thing so so what if John Doe blows his goddamn brains out?

If you do think that way, at least have the decency not to say anything about how you care about suicide prevention or addressing the needs of people with mental problems. Or at least say you care about women and Black people and Latinx people and Asian people and LGBTQIA people and Muslims and Hindis and indigenous people and disabled people and immigrants with mental problems and you don’t want them to kill themselves and everyone else can do whatever the fuck they want because you don’t care.

And my confession is that I’m fucking sick of hearing all my liberal and progressive friends say “fuck white men!” all the goddamn time. Even if they don’t stop to think about all those white men out there with mental problems, they know about mine. They know how hard it is for me to feel like I’m not worthless and they fucking say that shit anyway, and I can’t fucking call them out on it because then I’m what’s wrong with the world after all.

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