Feel way too needy but I wish someone would just be concerned about me for once.
Whenever my friends mention they’re having a tough time or somethings gone wrong I always respond and help, if it calls for it even go to where ever they are to comfort them.
I’ve been having a rough time recently, was diagnosed with depression and anxiety over 5 years ago now and rn they’re both back with a vengeance ( they never really go away but some times are easier than others).
I feel like I’ve been rather obvious with it too since I used to never talk about it, even told one friend it felt like I’ve been having a week long breakdown (I have been) and got a “oh shit, that sucks” in response.

Just once I’d like someone to worry about me for once, for some little sign someone actually cares.

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  1. This is exactly what it’s like for me, I’ve quite literally left what I was doing to be with my ‘friends’ whenever they’ve been upset. I struggle bad with severe anxiety and I never spoke about it until recently. It’s feels like ever since I did that’s all people can see, if I seem a bit down or annoyed they just go ‘’oh don’t worry it’s just her anxiety, she’ll be fine’ never one is it ‘are you okay’ not one of them struggle with mental health issues, so they don’t understand and ‘ they don’t know how to help’ . Hey! We’ve all got to stick together, it’s never easy living with mental illnesses! Don’t be afraid to speak up about it more, the more people talk about it the more awareness comes to it. I hope you feel better soon!


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