It’s a cliché, I know, but I miss you so much. Don’t think I’m lying when I say you were the only person I loved this much. That is also why this hurts so damn bad.

I fucking miss the warmth of your body. The way the back of your neck smells while you sleep on my arms. The way your eyes glow and how your tinkling laugh reverbrates inside my heart. I miss hugging you and putting the palms of my hands under your armpits. I miss wrapping my legs around yours. I miss cleaning your ears and you cutely begging for me not to stop.

I love you, my sun, moon and stars. I still do. It hurts so much that I don’t seem to exist in your world whenever we come across each others paths. You are my world, know that.

All these things that I can do, all these skills that I have, all this success is nothinf without you. I feel so empty and pained at the same time.

I wonder what you’re doing right now. If you’re already feeling the warmth of someone else. If you’re already intertwining your warm bodies. I can’t sleep. Every hour is a waking nightmare knowing in the back of my mind that you said that you don’t love me and that you’re already fed up with me.

I could have given up a thousand times. All those lies, all those times you broke my trust. But I did not because the love I felt was more than any imperfections that we both had.

I wish you could and could not read this at the same tine. I will still wait for you ready to welcome you back anytime you wish to come back home. You were my home.

I love you more than I have loved anyone else. I thought it was impossible for me to love someone that much but here I am, hurting in a way I never thought was even imaginable.

I love you and only you, always.

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