Since i was a kid i had been a mommy boy we shared the same bed until i was 17 since we lived in a apartment and the living roon was my older sister room. As i grew up my mom would leave her dirty panties in a basket or floor in the restroom. Out of curiosity i picked her dirty pantie she had just taken off and had been wearing it all day i got a erection while i sniffed away it smelled so good her scent was so arousing to me.I went on by my normal life but indulged in sniffing her dirty panties i eventually started to try them on its such bliss putting them on my penise being in the same spot her pussy juices make contact a extremely exciting weird thing i tought. I don’t remember when was the first time but it goes back since i was in elementary.I would get home from school first.before my sister or mom and i would oddly look forward into smelling her amazing scent and putting on her panties while i felt so naughty and sexy being in her panties.me and my mom have a weird relationship not sexually but we cant stand each other but have alot of love as well.
As a kid while i slet in her bed she would come home from work and put on these cute gray pj short while she took off her bra and put on one of my shirts she would arch her butt towards my direction and i would hug her back then i didn’t have a weird perverted mind like i do that was my mom and I her son. When she would call me from the shower asking for a towel she would either be by the door or in the tub i would get all embarrassed but in reality i wanted notning to but get a glimpse of her body.she would try to cover but sometimes she would leave the restroom door craked idk if this was random or plan by her i would try to peep and look to witch she would always close the door she never changed infront of us. As time went by i got older puberty waking up with erections did she notice them ? How does that work she would always get up before me. She would ask me for help with her dresses and while i zipped her up i would glance at her underwear and bra and her body was just so appealing to me thinking all types of things of course i never acted on it.This one time i was under the covers and peeked at my moms panties she was wearing a skirt i try to reach and touch her but she didn’t notice or did she ? I stoped anyways but i couldn’t get her cute lace black thong and how i just wanted to taste her..i would usually wear her panties but then started to match with her bras wich i had a hard time getting on and getting off at times getting the bra when your about to be caught its a stressful situation. I would wear them while she was at work and my sister played her xbox i would model them in the mirror and see witch one looked the best and felt the best.Im not into guy’s honestly i just having this uncontrollable feeing of wanting to be with my mom sexually you can say.i dated girls all thru my 17 years in that apartment and from time i would always go back to my drug smelling her dirty panties and masturbating in her lingerie for the thrill and. sesation of it. From time she would leave the tv on remember hbo late nights she would be watching porn and forget to change it and turn it off so when i would turn it off for her she would act surprised but now that i think about it how many times did she lay their while I slept and she got naughty.? Finally we moved my sister was off to college and she never moved back but it was me and my mom.This big house where she got the master room and i had my own room we slept together the first night since she was scared nothing weird just out of luck my bed was the only one complete after putting it back together i curled into her arms and that was the last night i shared beds with her other than rare occasions when she would say come lay down next to me. I still loved sneaking into her room going thru her panties and cabinets where she had gotten a bit kinky and steped up her lingerie game i totally didn’t mind it. SHE had all types of panties my favorite became lace thongs burgundy or any dark colored set was my favorite. I would try to explore her collection when i could or had the opportunity to do so.summer was great home alone for hours she worked weekly i would try on different sets or mix matched what i thought looked best on me while feeling so naughty rubbing my hands all over my body.The pushup bras or extra patting became my favorite they gave these real boob effect and i loved rubbing my hands thru the bra felt so good i always put them back exactly where they where and if i stained i just washed them and done back to where they belong,i would masturbate in her queen size bed and layed out different styles and sets to try and play with i enjoyed it honestly it got me so hard and satisfied when i came every time i would act all kinky this uncrontrolable urge to be naughty and slap my ass with her belt while i rubbed on my bra and just got freaky felt very sexy in them especially in her very comfortable bed where most of my fetishes came to live.i still dated from time to time never really told anyone except for my recent ex but thats another story.She got into alot of lingerie more erotic styles for naughty moms like her she had a great taste i think i get it from her when i chose lingerie to wear. Many times i came close to getting caught by the simplest way she forgot something or i forgot to lock the upper lock so i would hear it from a far. She dated as well i suddenly didnt want to be with her but i would do anything to please her and her every desire. I would ask for her phone at times so just check her things like history to my surprise we have alot in common when it comes to watching porn.she had milfs fucking younger teens,lesbians,and the most shocking but kind of attractive she had been watching shemale porn my mom was into this i thought maybe we are alittle bit perverted but it got me so turn on i quickly wrote down the names of the videos and whe i had the chance i would dress up in her lingerie and watch the same videos she had played imagining that my mom would be fingering herself to these videos got me so hard especially the shemale ones. SHE has been single never really married but always kept busy or tried to settle down.she let me see her phone one day and i peaked in her messenger and she had sent this very sexual picture in her pink kimodo showing her boobs to this teen sexting with him i fell in love she had the most adorable small but cute boobs i just wanted to suck on them i send the picture to my self and i deleted the attachment plus the contact history she never notice i guess i i masturbate so many times with the same pink kimodo and facinated about me sucking on em while i was all doll up in her bed. I stoped for a while since i had moved when i was staying with my cousin i saw she had luggage but it was in the living room she was alseep in a guest room while 3 of my cousins all girls where sleeping in the couch so i had to be quiet but this blue thong new to me caught my eyes and i slipped it on it was so arousing knowing my cousins could wake up and catch me in their aunts panties but i finished getting my fix since i hadn’t been living with her over a year almost 2. I eventually moved back with her and she had all new panties cute bras and cute nightgowns especially this black one with a pink bows in the shoulders it split in the middle so i would ware my favorite black lace thong with it and enjoyed it honestly cheking my self out in the mirror looking at how my but looks and how it fits i became i pro myself i still wear lingerie matter of fact i have this black pink highrise thong on tonight i feel so naughty someone come and spoil me with cute panties.I have always wanted to tell my mom how i feel how i have sexuall feelings for her and want to please her and thag i been wearing her lingerie for years now.Since thos days i have moved out but a lived alone for a while and i took 5 of my favorite thongs and the black kimodo wich i loved wearing to my new place and would pick one everynignt to sleep in or take pictures and play with my naughty self i love being spanked but by a female im not attracted to guys whatsoever. My aunt one time put my cloths to dry where i had all 5 thongs in their and they all stand out for their style and colors she had caught me i mean what is a teen doing with woman lingerie maybe it was my girlfriends? Mayne but she didn’t say anything about it so i just moved onlol.i know i should be thinking the way i do about my maybe i have it wrong where she is showing me love and care and im thinking with my perverted thoughts and fetishes but i honestly think she would go with it.we all ways said i wanted a older woman and she wanted a yonger man and i would ask her to hook me up with her friends and she just laugh but i just really want her all to myself you naught mommy i know you have a high sex drive.

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