So I have these ‘friends’ that I gave all my effort and love on, gave all my time and heart to but lately they all seem to forget why I just stayed around.

So the last few months, I haven’t been around because I’m too busy with my studies and when I finally got around, they just throw me out of the plans they made as a group. I’m not saying this out of jealousy, I just feel that way.

My friend throw a party and she didn’t bother to invite me. Little thing, I know, but everybody is there but me. I feel so left out and step aside by the people I love, the people I treated to be my family.

After that, I distance myself to them and took a time out. I realize that people just come along to you because they need something from you but after that, you’re nothing. I almost didn’t pass my junior year because I stood up for a friend and look where that got me, nowhere.

Be careful who you give your trust, effort and love. You never know who to trust so in general, just don’t.

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