Before, now matter what you do I kept on choosing you, until to the point the I know that you’re lying already I pretended not to know and turn blind eye. But do you know, do you know how much that broke me? Maybe you don’t because I’ve been acting fine the whole time. However that’s the past now. When you left me, you left me in the air, I fell and kept on falling until reality hit me again. Reality made me stand up and fix myself and reality has given me a chance to choose myself instead of you or someone else, reality has given me a chance to put myself as priority. And I thank you for that, because if you didn’t left I will continue to be broken and will not be able to heal or choose myself at all. At first I thought my world was going to end however now I see that the world is opening up.

May you be happy and find the one that’s right for you. I still pray for your happiness and good health.

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