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I love my BF. But I am obsessed with this guy at work. And this guy he looks good but is not even my type. When he joined my work, he used to stare at me and check me out all the time. I wasn’t interested at first but over a period of time and his relentless staring – I kinda started noticing him and then I started looking back and then it started happening everyday at work and he knows that he got my attention. Sometimes I used to wonder what It would be like to kiss him. And thats when he goes odd, he stopped looking, right when am interested he ignores me. So I ignored him. And then he starts looking again, it’s a stupid game and driving me mad and I started obsessing over him and want his attention. It’s like I don’t want him but I want his attention on me. Why is this happening

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  1. It doesn’t hurt to want to be desired. To be curious about where you stand sex-appeal wise. I don’t think the guy matters at all, but the attention itself. Maybe you’re not getting enough attention at home or maybe you have a little diva in you that wants to explore options. Either way, this guy isn’t your type, so don’t let the game of seduction get to you.


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