One sided liking ! First year of college and my closest friend wss the one I knew from school. We talked for hours and it felt like he is the most sensible guy ever He helped me with almost everything, always took my side, cared for me and so I got attached and started liking him. Because he was the only one I trusted and my priority was to stay with someone who cares for me.
But I was wrong. After a certain point I realised he actually was a different person, he presented himself completely differently to me, I liked the person hr used to be with me, but I hated the person he really was from within. I cried for him, I was emotionally drained.
But then when I was sure that he is fake. I drifted apart. Had a huge fight with him. And exposed his true self to everyone. Everyone started hating him. And my revenge was complete. I had no feelings left for him. Not even hatred.. We don’t talk anymore being in the same college. Am thankful to my luck, that I recovered fast and could seek my revenge . Thankful that I stopped before falling in love. Now I know how to spot fake guys at once 😂

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