I’m laying next to you in bed and all I want to do is be far, far away from you.
So while you sleep deeply, I’ll be awake silently crying with these dark thoughts.
I dont want to feel like this
I dont want this anymore
You make me feel so much worse than what you think. Every word you speak feels like glass shards against my heart, my soul.
I’m breaking apart and yet you say I’m the same, never-changing.
I resent you so so much.
If I had a gun, I would put it against my head and contemplate pulling the trigger. If I do, nothing would be lost, right?
You are not my happiness. If I dont get lost even further, I hope to find it. Away from you.

One thought on “#1950

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  1. Hey! Been there. As much as it sucks, you need to get out. 6 months later it’s over and your happy. I rolled over multiple times with an ex and literally said “ why am I here”


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