I love you. I love you, I love you, I love you. Some say love isn’t real if it’s one-sided, but you’re my everything. I was inexplicably drawn to you from the moment we met, and my eyes have never left you since, even though you’ve never spared me a parting glance. Whenever I move, it’s toward you. Whenever I close my eyes, your image burns me. Oh, how you burn me. You’re the flame to my moth, aware of its death but somehow knowing it’s worth it. You’re the lighthouse to my lost vessel, and yet I’ll still never find my way home. I know I’m in too deep to ever have a chance with you, and it kills me. I know I’ll never win your affection, so why try? I’d rather agonize from afar forever than never see your defiant hair, your slight smirk again. With every glimpse of you, I’m unable to tear my gaze away for fear that it may be for the last time. I’m helpless, and you don’t even know my heart belongs to you. Someday, somewhere, I’ll try. I just can’t bring myself to lose you forever, your sweet laugh as forgotten as childhood memories. Please, wait for me. Hold on for me. I promise eventually I’ll try. Adam, I promise. Please.

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