One time when I was 19(male), I noticed this older guy with a mustache looking at me while I was working at a grocery store. I thought it would be funny to tease him and pretend I was interested in him by giving him flirting looks since I figured he was probably gay. He kept walking around in my department and eventually I got scared and went to the bathroom so he would leave. Guess what, he followed me in there. I was standing at the urinal and was super nervous and excited at the same time. I decided to give him a real thrill and show him my penis. He smiled and told me how cute it was. He then asked if he could just give it a little kiss. I hesitated but then said, “I guess.”. So, he bent down and next thing I know, he’s got the whole thing in his mouth. I couldn’t believe it! My head was spinning and suddenly it started to feel really good and my dick got hard. After about ten seconds he stopped and walked away. I was totally confused after that.


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