Been hurt since you cheated. Im not good enough. My love and sacrifices would never be enough for you. I can feel that you dont love me anymore and that you’re indirectly pushing me away. I knew it since the day you broke your promises. Am not your happiness anymore.. im sorry if i wasn’t able to give you the happiness your longing by now just because im not good enough. I hope you’ll find your happiness.. the geniune happiness that you ever wish. Please take care of yourself and take care of her. Hope she won’t be able to go through the bad things you’ve caused. Be gentle to ladies please. Sadly, everything is getting worst. Someday.. somehow i would be able to pick up the broken pieces you’ve thrown. Someday.. i would be able to find myself.. stronger and braver living the life you’ve left. Im sorry if i’ve loved you so madly that i almost lose myself. For now, i dont know where im going to.. lost and unloved.

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