Philia, Storge, Eros, Agape:

People are led to believe that love comes hand in hand with pain. To love is to be brushing shoulders with struggle and heartache of almost all sorts and in almost every occasion; this includes being vulnerable to torture.

You see, that’s not love. That’s just a result of people’s resentment, selfishness and toxic presumptions and it’s heartbreaking to see them associate love with the darkness and twisted mentality of society.

Love, my dear, is the purest and most beautiful thing there is in this world. It paints the most colorful pictures and soars the most turbulent winds. It is your compass when the the forest thickens and your oasis in the desert.

Love is never complicated. It exists to be felt from your skin to your bones and embraced with reckless abandon. It never asks to be boxed inside rules of a game. It’s about giving, not winning.

Love – the real one – manifests itself in ways you would least expect. So do not be afraid of love. Don’t be bothered when people call you out for wearing your heart on your sleeve. Make it your strength. Feel it. Let it bloom. Allow it to chase away the shadows.

Love, in its truest form, is a gift; never a curse.


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