i feel guilty. i am so sorry for what I did.:

I made some prank calls to a girl who is married to my brother.
I was so jealous on her because she is pretty, and she married to my brother who is a very rich man.
I called her a lot and as soon as she picked up the phone and she said: Hello?, I hanged off the phone.
Sometimes I changed my voice so that she can’t recognize it’s me, and then I lied about my brother to her.
Hopefully, she never paid attention to those lies I told over the phone and she married to my brother.
thank god. Otherwise I could never forgive myself.
I now feel so bad. I hate myself. I want to die because of what I did.
I feel I am an asshole and a bad person.
I just ask for god to help me.
Now the problem is that I wake up every day and I think it’s any moment that my brother calls me and asks me: was that you who made those crank calls to my wife?
It’s like a torture for me that I wake up every day like this.
I don’t know if he know I did those calls or not.
Please advise me what to do. thank you.

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