i don’t know if this will reach you, but if it does, i hope you know that you can get through this. by the end of the school yr, your eyes look sad. i would be lying if i say i never cared, because i do; i would be lying if i say it never hurt me, because it did. i wanted to make you smile, to let you know that you should keep going, and to let you know someone cares about your existence. i was well aware that you were depressed, i just couldn’t get myself to comfort or ask you about it, because i know i was not in the right place to ask. who am i for you to tell me anyway? then your eyes look sadder everyday. you look restless and you don’t eat your lunch.

you do not take care of yourself and maybe you’re pushing people from you.. because your heart is a jar. you’re afraid you’ll be broken. again. i understand you and will take it as you, protecting yourself.

i didn’t know everything could get worst. your parents are breaking apart, but maybe they can still work it out, you know; and you’re not gonna finish high school, but i still hope you’ll change your mind.

don’t break your future just because the present isn’t great. but who am i to talk though? i don’t know what you’re going through everyday. so i am sorry.. i am sorry if i just keep on being worried. i don’t know what to do or is there anything i can do or should i do anything?

i just hope you’ll be okay. in the future, i hope you can find someone who wishes you good and makes you glad to be alive, i hope you find yourself. i want to see your smile again. please smile. your cutest when you smile. i hope you know someone cares.

and to anyone who’s reading this, hang in there and it’s okay to feel that way. the world isn’t that great and the world is unfair, but live your life anyway. life depends on how you live it. keep people who wants to keep you. love the one you see in the mirror.


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