I am ugly. I hate my nose so much and my self asteem is awful. I mean sometimes I feel mildly pretty, but only with makeup or a Snapchat filter. Every one says I’m pretty. But I know I’m not. I sit in class and run my finger down the bridge of my nose bc I hate it. My friends tell me to stop bc they know I hate it. They say that my nose is fine. But I hate it. I just submitted one of these on me being fat. I have a lot of body issues. My thighs r huge and my stomach looks pregnant. My arms are gross and fat. I have back fat and even my fingers are fat l. There is a girl in my grade who is like literally perfect. An amazing body (no homo) but I think she feels insecure bc she has no boobs (sorry tmi) but I wish I looked like her she even had a pretty face. All the boys like her and nobody likes me. I kinda hate myself. I can’t talk to anyone about this because they won’t tell the truth. And they will try to tell me the opposite but I don’t want them to. I just want someone to listen. I wonder if any only my friends struggle with this too?


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