I love a guy. And he’s 210.5km away from me. He’s smart, caring, and a very amazing person… He’s a great great great man he’s got everything i could ask for. He doesn’t get the appreciation he deserves. He gets sad as fuck sometimes. But i love him very much. I want him. Everyday. Even when he’s sad or apathetic or happy. I want him in my life and i just love him very much. Only him. Always him. And i just can’t stop thinking about him and all the things we will do when we’re finally together… The thought of him or even just his face makes me sane… God I’d die for him… I’d gladly risk or take my own life for him… I don’t know if I’m crazy but it feels so good loving him… Makes me want to wake up every morning and do inspiring shits. I love you very much charlie… Please never forget that… I love you, only you, always you.

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