Let’s call just call myself near for now 🙂

Good evening peeps, I was writing this at night time haha.

I’ve been down and lost at my life recently and now currently in a state of being in front of the gate where I was before. The “me” where I first suffered “this” when I didn’t know it was called depression. “It was a nightmare, it was a deep sea” I remember those thoughts every night after I finish each day normally.

Here’s a secret that will sound crazy… I’ll apologize in advance, but the thing is… I’ve been missing school for this whole time of our second semester. I know, it is irritating and shocking. I’ve dealt with this before it was my high school years, but I still just missed a few days before, making me just missed my attendance for two weeks or three or maybe half of the second sem.

The thing is I started not attending class because of the anxiety of having one “3” in our grading system and two “INCs” which means incomplete. I tried my best and took the effort to pass the things I needed for those but a lot of things caught up and alot of–

You know what fvck it, I’m having an epsiode and now It’s kickng in I’m having panic attacks and anxiety attacks my father just walked in and nagged me again about being up at this hour that lead to being not the “me” I used to before, the daughter that they’ve had and proud of.

I hope I’ll still be able to update you guys about it.
bye thanks

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