Incest or not:

Hi, I’m a 17 year old girl and I have a twin brother who I love more than anyone in the world, as a brother. I can’t see life without him. When it’s a sleepless night for whatever reason and one or both of us can’t get to sleep, we cuddle in the same bed. I’m little spoon, he’s big spoon. Now one in four times he gets an erection because biology stupidly dictates that his junk has to get hard when pressed against my rear, accidentally or not. Normally we just ignore it and go to sleep. The first time it couldn’t be ignored (we were 15) he solved the problem by jerking off, but I didn’t think it was fair on him for only him to be totally bare so I undressed too and I’ll admit I watched from start to finish but I didn’t do anything to him or myself. Once his junk was under control and he’d gotten completely cleaned up we returned to cuddling, minus our clothes in case it happened again. Honestly the trust between us is unreal, I felt perfectly safe and at ease even with neither of us in clothes and cuddled up. The same thing has happened a small few more times throughout the two years since, and a bit in vice versa but we’ve never touched the other sexually ( I mean we haven’t joined up for sexual acts, the cuddling on sleepless nights and occasional nude one continued but nothing more).

Honestly we’re perfectly happy with this arrangement, we don’t plan to take it any further and we’re still very much twin brother and sister, but the trust and openness between us seems to be exclusive to us. Does this mean we’re committing incest or are we just really open, loving and trusting?

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