I honestly don’t know what to get you for your birthday. It’s hard sometimes when I try to read you and I couldn’t. I know for a fact that you wouldn’t like presents, or stuff you know I’d be spending money on. So I just got you that bracelet. It’s funny because we both don’t believe in charms and all but I like to emphasize the knowledge that we know better and the reason why I gave you that is for you to be reminded that you do know better – of people and things around you, and I really hope that that will be enough to keep you afloat from whatever you will be facing in the future. With or without me by your side.

It’s a special day so I want to tell you a few words to remind you how much you are loved.

I love how you bring out the person I’ve always kept in the closet. You remind me of who I was and you make me who I am. Everything feels so right and easy with you like you have always been a part of me and – I’ve never really used this word for ages now but – I feel so BLESSED for your life that I can celebrate you every single day.

My love, no one has ever touched my soul like you have and I don’t think I’ll get over that soon. When I told you you are special, I meant that with all of my heart. You stand out so much that in a sea full of people and their shit, I’d find you. It may take me minutes or hours but I will find you and I would fall in love with you instantly.

You are that beautiful fountain of love that never runs dry, and I would bathe in it everyday. You are my haven in this generation of chaos. You are that 90’s track I will never get tired of listening to because you’re brimming with nostalgia and pure happiness, and whenever you wonder what if one day I’d get tired, my answer is simple. That’s highly improbable. You see, everything I have towards you is all coming from this bottomless pit in my soul. There’s just no end to it. I’m so obsessed with your heart and the way you talk about the things you love. Those tiny sparkles in your eyes are too damn attractive and your smile – oh god that smile – melts away the bad days.

So I’m not scared now. I love you for all the right reasons and I can’t wait to tell our babies just how amazing their dad is and how much I wish for them to meet someone like you to spend their lives with. xoxo

All my love,


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