I want a boyfriend but I have a habit of judging people. That’s why I don’t talk to everyone and stay quiet alone.sometimes I think they judge me that’s why I don’t talk with them.I want that like a girl accpet a boy without judging him in that why I want that handsome guy should love a girl without judging her. Just like her as she is. I know it’s a bad habit of judging people but What Should I do This society makes me like that.The people around me make me like this. I Still thinkwhy it happens with me. I Like someone and he also like me but at end that guy always fool me.I know I don’t know did I ever find a true love. Ya I want that happen that a handsome guy should Like a simple and messy girl. Ya I want someone like me as I am . And he dont change me . He accpet me as I am

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