Empty Moon:

The subject is yet again you. This time I gave you my love, I gave you so much love that I left little for myself. I can see that you accepted it, you were glad and appriciated it. That made me happy inside. But whenever I still see that you feel like no one is loving you, I feel so useless. It’s like all the love I gave wasn’t enough. There’s no more for me to give you for I did give you everything I have. It was temporary, I shouldn’t have assumed that you’ll carry it everywhere. And I’m tired. I’m tired, of always fixing you, putting you back. I always assure you that my love stays with you, but did you do the same for me? Hah, I was foolish. I shouldn’t have given you that much. Now, I’m tired, I need a rest. Sorry if I felt this way, but I can’t help it if you act that way too.

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