Long story incoming!

When I saw you for the first time, I told my friends, “Uy ang pogi niya ah. Landiin natin HAHAHA!” Of course it was a joke. Let’s call him, uhm, Joey. From Friends AHHAAH going back to the story. During orientation, my friends kept on teasing me na you kept looking at me. Na I was the only one you see. Syempre alam mo naman si ate girl, medj marupok. So pinatulan ko naman. I befriended him. We went from strangers to best friends. We would talk, laugh, joke around for hours. Di ko inaakala na I would slowly fall for him. It was mga November 2018, yes medjo recently lang. I didn’t know I was subconsciously being flirtly. Fast forward, bigla na lang nawala yung pagka-admire ko sa kanya di ko rin alam eh. Exams came and for our project and exam, we had to do a movie. I was assigned to be the script writer and Joey was one of the camera men. He was just screwing things up kamo. He wouldn’t do stuff. My bestie became the camera man even though she was supposed to be just wardrobe stuff. Who wouldn’t be mad? Napataas tuloy boses ko and I told him na wala siyang ginagawa puro facebook, twitter, and instagram lang inaatupag niya. I thought na he wouldn’t take it seriously. That he would prove me wrong. Tapos the next day, di na niya ako pinapansin. He blocked me from all social medias na friends kami. It was our first fight ever. It took us 5 weeks bago kami magbati. Ayan, happy happy ulit. Pinapansin na niya ako and we started becoming close ulit. He was even my date for prom. He was being so sweet during prom. Like he was the only guy from our class na super gentleman and sweet. Konti lang kasi kami sa class and apat lang kaming girls. Humahaba na yung kwento ko HAHAHAH. We took pictures sa photo booth na kami lang. Pero walang issue issue saakin kasi wala na yung crush ko sa kanya. Biglang pagbalik namin sa school my friends from grade 12 started to ship us together. di ko naman ineexpect. bigla siyang na ilang sakin huhu. I asked him “bat mo ko dinededma?” twice and he just answered me back with a high pitched tone in a mocking way “bat mo ko dinededma?” I asked him twice and it was just the same. I thought that I should give him space pero parang lumala. Hindi niya ko pinapansin and it’s been 3 weeks. Malalagpasan ata namin na 5 week mark HAHAHAHAH. Last week, his friend told me na yung reason na naiilang siya kasi naiilang daw ako sa kanya like what? when was I naiilang to him?

Yun lang. ang haba pala AHHAHAHA miss ko na siya makausap. Dun sa mga nakaabot dito thank you. ang patient niyo. what do you think i should do? huhu naiiyak ako

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