I’m sorry I can’t love you back.I tried,I swear I did,but I just can’t.It’s because I’m so unstable.Sometimes,I pity you for having feelings for me.Sometimes I have a hard time believing you have feelings for me.Sometimes I’m so close,like I almost start feeling things for you,like those times you tornement me but just isn’t there.I know I keep bugging you with my problems.I have so many breakdowns in front of you.I keep complaining when you sit there and listen to me as you act like you play games but I know you’re listening.You’re one of the greatest things that happened to me,I don’t know what I would do if I never found someone to talk to.And I wish you complained as much as I do because I feel guilty for disturbing you with all my shit.I’m sorry my mind is too messed up.I don’t have normal feelings.Sometimes it’s as bright as the sun and sometimes it’s just dark.Sometimes it’s transparent and empty.Sometimes I want to watch people hurt and sometimes I want them to hurt me.I’ve told you things I couldn’t tell anyone.It might look like from there I talk to everyone so easily but I can’t do that.I’m sorry.


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