I wish you never met him. The friend that I know is gone, the usual girl who laughs even to the stupidest joke, the girl who have fun playing around, the girl who have a lot of stories to tell, the girl who is not afraid to go out and make friends, the girl who cared for others. She’s gone and it’s all because of you. She love you with all her heart, she care for you more than she care for herself, she thinks about your growth and your well-being, you are her top priority and yet you left her. You left her without a word, you make her overthink and now she thinks she’ll never be enough, that there’s something wrong with her, that she didn’t give enough. Even though I told her there’s nothing wrong with her and she’s given more than what she have to, she doesn’t believe me because it’s you, it’s you whom she’s waiting. Seeing my friend, my sister like that makes me want to kill you. She doesn’t deserve this pain that you give her. She’s a sweet a child with pure heart yet you ruined her. She can’t hate so I’ll hate you in her place. I HATE YOU FOR MAKING HER LIKE THIS!”

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