Don’t you think life is just being unfair?I’ve given everything up for her. Yet she still lied. I thought that she liked me but in reality, she didn’t.So everything happens to go like this..I told my classmate that I like her best friend.Though, as days past my classmate kept on teasing me that I like her. I did not know that she told her about my feelings for her.As weeks past by, my other classmate told me that she also likes me, and as I thought, she was just lying. But when she went beside her, I was in shock and my classmate asked if I like her. I did not respond because I was too shy to talk because she was beside her. Obvious enough, she found out that I also like her. She was cheering for me and her that we should be in a relationship, but I told her that I’m still too young enough to be in that state of relationship. And my crush agreed. After that afternoon, I was so SO happy that she also liked me. After that day, it was our principal’s birthday. We all sat down on the floor because it was after our morning rituals. My classmate who told her about my feelings called her to come beside her and tried to pretend if it were for them to talk in a normal conversation. But as she went there beside her, my classmate immediately got my hanker chief and gave it to her. She told me to ask my hanker chief back from her and do a handshake. Then it was recess time. I had asthma. Me and my bestfriend, but this time it was a boy, went with me to the clinic. I did not know that she was in there but I have no choice but to go in there. I told nurse that I cannot breath because of my asthma. So he helped me by giving me a mental cone and immediately placed it on my chest. I couldn’t move my hands at that time, so she helped me place it on my chest. It was really embarrassing and I was about to pass out. Though after my asthma attack, she made a conversation with me and asked me “On a scale to 1-10 how will you rate your feelings towards me?” So I said 7 though she said 10. At first I thought that she was joking. But in the end I was right.

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