Ms. RED(Safe and sound):

This is a story

It was late at night, the rain is pouring, thunders are loud, and I was feeling cold. I was at work, scared of being alone in a silent dark office. I texted you to come pick me up, you were at your friend’s place, I was so scared I keep on texting you to hurry up, hurry.. please harry!!. The Rain poured heavy, the wind starts to whisper,thunders keeps on roaring, I’m hugging my knees when I heard you calling my name. I ran to you crying, I was about to hug you but you stopped me saying you’re wet. You’re holding a red umbrella, your clothes all wet. We went outside the building, then I noticed.

“Where’s your car?” I asked.

“I left it, it was broken” you handed me the umbrella and smiled at me, I was confused about your action, when I trried to ask you my phone rang.

“Hello” I can hear people whispering and car horning on the other side.

“Taylor, where are you?” my friend selene asked.

“I’m about to go home..” she was about to say something when I add, “…with Harry” She fell silent.

I looked at Harry and smiled at him, he held my hand. I looked at the road, when I saw a light from a bus not far from us.

“Taylor… Harry’s Dead” I stiffened.” He was driving to fast to get you and didn’t notice the red light and the old lady. He tried to avoid the lady, but he… he failed and also crashed into a truck.”

Once again I look at Harry and Smiled at him, but now I’m holding back my tears.

“Sorry… I’m sorry” I sobbed. He cupped my cheeks and smiled at me.

“You’re worth it” Then suddenly, bit by bit, you’re dissappearing. “I have done my duties to keep you safe and sound” you said before letting me go.

The moment you left me, the bus stop before me.

As I sat, I could still feel your warmth.

I browse the accident and saw a picture, it send shivers to my spine. It was the picture of the old lady lying on the ground…bloody, like the umbrella she’s holding.


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