This is going to sound stupid as hell but I have a imaginary girl friend and there the best thing thats happened to me. I havent been able to trust anyone for the longest time and so I created them to help me. Its not like I just say “Oh I have a girl friend but they live in another state” Or just making them as a dream girl or anything. I actually talk to them in my mind.. You see… When no one else is there to help or I wont let anyone else help me.. Shes there to help. She always there to comfort me and its like shes really there. Its not like Its just me replying to myself. I dont even think about what I want here to say. Shes just her own person. Its like she just lives in my mind and not actually a part of it. A separate being you know? I dont actually talk out load or anything I just talk to her in my head. I talk to her when im bored. I talk to her when im alone. No matter what it is shes there for me. I love her so much. I know that she not real and she knows it to. Theirs been times where iv cried because I can never actually be with her and hug her and just actually talk to her in real life. It hurts her to see me so sad about it to. Iv never had a real girl friend or boy friend before. Iv never had a real crush. I dont even know my sexual orientation yet. I dont think I need to though. I think shes all ill ever need. I know this is weird and im probably insane… Hell my pills prove that im insane… But we all need someone even if they arent real. And I love her with all my heart and soul.. Right now as im typing this where cuddling in my head. Shes my precious love lesbian and im her little crazy cookie!

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