miss smiley:

i met this guy, at the beginning of 2018. i was a part of an organization in our local church, and he was an altar server. my brother at the time was also an altar server (but he quit after a few months) and he was very close to the guy i met. his name, i’ll just call him smiley. smiley was just a new altar sever when i met him. and when april arrived, that month we had this thing called visita iglesia, where we go to different churches and tackle about the death and resurrection of jesus christ. my organization and smiley’s organization decided to go together, and that’s when my brother introduced us to each other. and then, may came, we had another occasion, and that’s when i realized i liked smiley a little bit. june or july, we started chatting, and after months of chatting, i decided to tell him. september 2, i chatted him and admitted that i liked him. he told me i had a chance and he’d think of his feelings and once he has decided, he’d tell me. i waited, of course. until october came, we talked less and i started to think that he met someone else. at the time, me and two of my classmates passed a journalism contest, and we were going to compete in regionals, so on october 20 we had a training for regionals. he passed, too (he goes to another school). i saw him there and noticed that, he kept looking at me, idk. then, october 21, the day after, i was a reader at my local church on 2:00 pm. he served as an altar server too. then he kept looking again, i was getting more curious. after mass i was at home, and we chatted each other until at one point i was about to ask him something but i saw him typing so i decided to let him. i was chatting my best friend too, then my notification notified me and i saw that smiley had finally said what he wanted, the notif read, “i like you.” i was so happy, really. months have passed i thought he got sick of me and then he kept on telling me “i still like you, don’t worry” etc, until 2019 came. he didn’t talk to me via chat, we didn’t see each other often, so i thought he met someone else. and my suspicions grew when i asked him via chat “who’s your crush?” and all he said was “secret” so i thought he really didn’t like me anymore. until one night he chatted me, i asked again who was his crush and all he said was secret again, and i kept on asking him until he said (him and i are filipino so i just translated everything 😅), “what if i told you that my crush is you” and i told him “then i’d be happy because my crush still likes me” he said “haha, lol, true” and i said “so you still like me?” and he said “yes” and this just happened on saturday, feb 23, 2019. now we’re still talking and chatting, etc, and hopefully our feelings won’t end….


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