Ms. RED(Paroxysm):

Our times was memorable, we were laughing and crying, shouting ang whispering, about our feelings and thoughts, sometimes we just sit there at the ground, not minding our clothes having dirt, watching the birds fly, flow our hair with the wind, just like how our relationship flow with the air, it’s fast, it’s unnoticeable, it was cold. You were cold, we stopped talking like we used to, we never show our emotion again, we’re hiding something with each other. Our time was memorable, now it’s unbearable. To many question running in my mind, thousands whats and million whys, but what I get is zero answer. Just this one question, What happend to us? please answer, I don’t even know the answer myself. I’ve loved you and cared for you, even now I still. Do you feel my love? do you love me?. You’re laughing with others, crying, shouting and whispering. Without me. We were the best buds, now we never bloom. I’m sorry…

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