I met a boy when I was in 9th grade (or 3rd year Junior High School). I liked him and he also liked me. We had an “unofficial” relationship since we’re still young and his parents don’t like him getting in a relationship with someone that is not from their religion. (He was a Seventh day Adventist and I’m a Born again) we went like that for 2 months then we had a misunderstanding which led to many misunderstandings. It led us to break up. I’m the one who broke up with him. I think he’s still too immature and I want him to still grow and be mature about things like love and relationships. In short, I think he’s too infatuated and is immature to love. To this day, we are still friends but she had a new girlfriend. An official girlfriend which his parents approve. I still like him. It hurts to think that everything we did in the past, they also did that in the present. (Like we used to eat in Dunkin Donuts and they now always eat there too.)

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