when we both forgavr eacb other for whatever happened in the past, i never really get be with you in a confortable state. that girl… shes probs the only girl you consider a friend. i really want to be close with you like how we used to but.. how would I ever come to talk to you? maybe I’d hang out with ur group even if it gets weird and embarassing. instead, i just watched you from afar. after all, the both of you and that girl who i also consider as a friend seemed to get along so well. there wasn’t really any space in there for someone like me. i always feel like i dont deserve to be there since you are a smart and im not. i wanted to talk to you, to be with you. i want to you to be confortable with me again. i want you to lean on my shoulder , play with my hair and those other things you did to her. and that, youll get clingy with me like how you used to be before. i really want to go back to the time wherein, everything was still okay.

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