I met someone in an online social platformer game and we became friends, and we also shared our own social media accounts that we became chat mates, everyday we talk even though we live in different cities although in the same country, then after some time, I fell for him but I know he doesn’t like me back, it may seem childish and immature but even though we’re just chatmates..I still stupidly fell for him, curse his cute face and mischievious but funny antics *sigh* and now there’s this other girl who could just prance in and admitted her feelings towards him, though I’m relieved he actually told her he doesn’t reciprocate the feeling, then that girl seems like she’s guarding him from me, like, I plan to bomb the nation or something, *sigh* But, if he finds someone who could make him happy, I’ll just be happy for him since we’re friends…that’s all, if you manage to read through this, thank you 〒_〒


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