just a friend:

hello, my “friend.”

you make me so sad but who cares? i still like you a lot.

i guess i’ve gone so far as to even get attached to the pain– the pain caused by my one-sided love for you.

how are you?

how is the person you “like?”

i miss you, you know.

but i guess i’ve lost the fight.

or was i even ever a competitor?

haha but scratch that–

anyway, would you mind asking me how i’m doing too?

((i dont think im ok))

>i just want to cry to you; i want to tell you how i feel. maybe that will help me move on.

reject me, and then comfort me as i sob.

i promise to recover as quick as possible.

i need to.

i have to.

so i can support you and your happiness and your peace and your dreams

after all,

that’s what a good friend has to do.

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