What you did made me realize it was time for me to really move on. The last drop of hope that i tried so hard to keep, i finally gave it up. Im setting myself free. So the reason why im sending you a message is i want to declare to myself that i have stopped. I have stopped hoping and waiting. REmember when i told you that you will always have my heart? Well that isnt true anymore. I have my heart. I own it and i will take care of it. I will no longer let anyone touch it until they prove themselves worthy. I hate you for making me feel unloved, unappreciated, and unworthy of effort. I hate you for making me feel anxious. Because of you, i have become cautious of people. I realized that I deserve better, so much better that kind of love where I dont have to question my worth. So yes, I am finally saying goodbye to you and the memories. I hope our paths never cross again. Even so, i still wish you reach your dreams someday. Good luck and thank you.


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