I don’t know when it started but I suddenly got this hunch that some of your posts were targeted ,albeit indirectly, at me. However,the logical part of my brain disagrees; after all, it’s been years since we last saw each other and our interaction never went beyond formal and phlegmatic. I cannot ask or talk to you directly because our connection is somewhat “severed”. I wish to detach myself to the people I’ve known before and it seems that you don’t intend to talk me either. It feels rude and shameless to assume; It’s embarrassing to try and catch mixed signals intended for someone else; So I’ll just firmly tell my self to ignore everything as if I didn’t see them.

If you were referring to me, I would really wish to clear things between us with honest words and no “read-between-the-lines”. If there’s actually an opportunity waiting to happen, I wouldn’t mind how long it takes.

If you weren’t referring to me, then it’s a relief. Even if I sound bigheaded for assuming, at least only I know and I’ll just keep it to myself.

I know there’s a slim chance that you might read this but I have to shape my words for my sake.

I hope the message you intend to tell will get through the right person at the right time.

You are one of the brightest and most inspiring people I’ve gotten to know. You deserve to overcome the things you are suffering from. You are loved. Take care always, S.

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