“I can’t be with someone who doesn’t like films.” I say, so the night gave me you.

You, who seems to understand that I quote almost everything I say from a book.

You, who shares almost the same genre of everything I like.

You, who writes about people leaving the same way I do.

You, who doesn’t gave me a chance to be inch closer to those walls.

You, who is too smart for a girl who hides behind metaphors and anonymous chat rooms.

You, who shares everything and nothing of what goes on inside that beautiful head.

You, who suggests something he won’t do himself.

You, who braves his vulnerability into poetry.

You… must be disappointed. 

So my excuse this time is that ”I can’t be with someone who doesn’t listen to my playlist.” so I made you one that I deleted days ago.

I hope I contributed a verse to one of your songs because I almost  want you and I know this can’t happen.

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