Lost soul:

I’m the girl you met on our college years, the girl that’s been there in your worst days, the girl who came up to you and saw your heartbreaks. I’m the girl who promised that will take care of you through thick and thin, I’m the girl that gaved you the trust you needed. The ‘girl’ that they said worth to be with. But you. You don’t see it, You cheated on me. You cheated when you got the gold coins of your hard work. You cheated on me with the girl you just met on the resort you came up for your team building. The girl you just met and prefer spending late night talking rather than the girl who spent her 3years with you. Everythings over. 3years gone like a popped bubble on the wind. Now. I’m the girl. The girl who has a large grudge on you. I’m the girl who doesn’t need you, or be with you. The girl that will not give importance to you anymore. I will not let us be friends again. You will be just a person I knew from the past. And I guess. This grudge will remain forever in my heart. I will not say thank you. Because you don’t deserve to be thanked.

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