so dis ting is about my long term crush that needs to be forgotten. it all started when we became classmates. and then we became groupmates. we’re already close thru chat, but we dont talk to each other in person. that thing- our communication, lasted for months. and thru that, i learned and realized so many things about him. i treated him just a friend before. but i didnt expect this thing to get worse. one time, i heard from his friends that he liked this famous gurl- like a “queen bee” in short. this girl is very very famous, coz she’s part of our student council, and she’s a favorite of most teachers coz she’s frigging rich and she came from a political family. bc of that, i started to avoid him because dat girl and i weren’t in good terms. i thought he would notice me avoiding him, but sadly, he didn’t coz he was busy with her girl. it was fine with me, i mean, i don’t have any choice, i am just his friend thru chat haha. after that, i thought that things were going great for them, until i heard a not-so-good news. I frigging heard the girl that he was just toying or playing w/ him becoz he’s a good-looking guy, and she knows that he’s head over heels for her so she’s frigging using him for fun, and for fame of course. so when i heard that, ofc i told him abt that, and guess what, he didn’t believe me (sucks ryt). he was so obsessed with the girl that he cannot see the flaws in her. so in short, we had a fight. we were not talking until one day, he talked to me, and u know, he knew it too, he was telling me that that girl told him in person that she was just playing with him (what a btch ik)… so he started to avoid that girl, and act that he was over her, and tells to others that he was okay coz she was just his “happy crush” but deep inside, he’s not okay. and i know that he still like that girl. i was also sad, looking at him being devastated is giving me a pain in the chest, i wish, i wished that can i just be the girl that he liked, so that he will not be like this anymore… to him, this is my letter for u, hi, I know that we’re not talking anymore, u think that i don’t care about u, but i always ask your friends abt u. i know, i know that u still like her that much, but also know that i like u so much, and i will wait for u, even tho it takes a long time, i will be here, waiting for u to like me back. dont worry, i will not annoy u anymore. i just hope that u’ll always be fine and happy… :))


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