just a friend:

hey… so, i like you a lot. i don’t know when my feelings for you started but i suddenly just feel so attached to you. i wish i could go back to seeing you as just a friend so that i wouldn’t have to feel so giddy and hurt at the same time every time i talk to you, every time i see you, and every time i am with you;; i wish i could stop liking you so i wouldn’t have to be so confused everyday– so i wouldn’t have to wonder if somehow in some way… you actually have even the slightest of feelings for me to because there are days when i feel like you do and there are days when i feel like we are two worlds apart. i’ve been hearing that you like someone… i wonder if there’s a chance that that person is me? i feel stupid that im still even assuming at this point despite of the fact that all the clues point to any person that is not me. or maybe i could be overthinking? maybe you could be lying to cover up how you really feel about me? maybe we are doing the same thing? i’ve been lying about liking someone else…(hopefully) too.

but i guess things are better this way

–with you unaware

–with me stuck between two ends

i’d rather be just your friend than nothing at all

i’d rather contain my feelings than to lose our connection

once again,

i like you.

and i’m sorry that i do.



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