Hi. Do you know that yiu are my first love? The one that had woken my slumber heart and made me learn about love. Do yoy still remember that December night, while we are walking in the school pathway. Do you still remember the words that was ambigous but made my heart beating so fast? But I did not let you finish, when you said thag you like… Who do you like? I never heard the last part and I shrugged you off. But that was the most regrettble action that I have made. Since then I have been aware of you but I never have the chance to tell you that you are first love. First love never dies. That is true. But as we grow older, I know that the one that I love is just the memories and the timt that we had shared as a somewhat close friend. I will cherish the mornings that we are in the fourth floor of our school looking above the starry night and looking far away and watching the sea of lights. But I guess I need to move on. We are somewhat old and our connection is almost none after college. But hey you were always in my mind and heart from highschool till now. But I wish you all the best in your life. You were my first love Danielle. And goodbye…


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