GPV: Yay now they're back together, a ship from grade 7 has arisen again back here sailing in grade 9. Welp can do nothing about that.


Anonymous To shorten the story, basically, at my homecoming dance, my best friend confessed to his girlfriend (“my friend” but I’m basically a shit person and i actually dont like her) that he has been cheating on her with multiple people. Suprisingly they are still dating because shes dumb. Keep in mind, I knew that... Continue Reading →


GPV: Oh so you guys are getting shipped again, how cute, how cute, I can't force you tho. Yay you're happy with him, alot of people ships you, even your bestfriend. Sorry that I didn't give you a gift last Friday. All I can say is "muling ibalik ang tamis nang pagibig"


So I've been dating this guy for a whole 2 years and a half. I was in a great relationship with him and spent many times with him together. We had arguments here and there and some how we managed to break up and it has been extremely hard for me to let go. But... Continue Reading →


I posted on anon but I may refer as sun. So these days, my dorm mates are ignoring me. They somehow gave me these looks when I was with them. I don't know what to do so I cried when they talked together, leaving me behind. They didn't want to sit near me, always leaving... Continue Reading →


I have always held liberal/progressive/whatever values, and I still hold them. But for a couple of years now, the left has become a real goddamn mess and my confession is that I'm fucking fed up with a lot of the hypocrisy. I'll give you and example about something that nobody seems to give a fuck... Continue Reading →


Feel way too needy but I wish someone would just be concerned about me for once.Whenever my friends mention they're having a tough time or somethings gone wrong I always respond and help, if it calls for it even go to where ever they are to comfort them.I've been having a rough time recently, was... Continue Reading →


Jayne After several drunk and sober episodes of being nosey on my boyfriend's Facebook account where I've a) deleted an album featuring him and his last girlfriend on vacation--I couldn't ask him to take it down because I didn't want to appear jealous--I got tired of looking at the photos. I feel badly as I... Continue Reading →


On 21 September 2019 around 10 pm in cebu city, I shopliftedof head and shoulders and quaker oatmeal worth 364 which is multiplied by 10. I paid a total price of 3,640.Kaya ko namang bayaran. Alam ko namang masama pero ginawa ko pa rin. Hanggang ngayon nagsisisi ako. Mahirap kumita ng pera.


(Context: I’m in 8th grade, a girl, and now identify as bisexual)I had a best friend back in 6th grade and she was bisexual. One day she said she liked me and asked me out.I rejected her.Honestly I didn’t feel like having a relationship at the time and I really did consider it, I really... Continue Reading →


It's a cliché, I know, but I miss you so much. Don't think I'm lying when I say you were the only person I loved this much. That is also why this hurts so damn bad. I fucking miss the warmth of your body. The way the back of your neck smells while you sleep... Continue Reading →


Sunhee: It's been a while since I sent my last confession. I wanted to ask how you are, somehow, I couldn't. My last message must have been too much or overbearing, I regretted sending that message but what's done is done. I don't want to say I miss you, because saying that reminds me of... Continue Reading →


minion I feel hurt knowing that they look good together than we do. They have similar interests and they do similar things and I'm just right here. At first I thought we would make a good pair but as time passes by, you made me realize that you're better with her so I guess it's... Continue Reading →

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