Imadeanoopsie: Dear Leo, Do you know why i said yes to those things? I didn't pity you, i loved you. It was also out of wanting to know the experience. That experience came with a price: I wasn't supposed to fall deeply for you. I was just going to have a fun crush on you... Continue Reading →



Imadeanoopsie: Dear Leo, to whom i have learned to love so much, The question i will be asking you might put a strain on what we have now. What do we have now? After the night you kissed me, i tried not to think about it. What do we have now Leo? You know my... Continue Reading →


Imadeanoopsie: Dear Leo, I meant what i said, i will never leave you. After what happened that night, i fell in love with you even more. When you finished reading my letter, you kissed my forehead and i found it really cute. We ended up kissing and doing more than that. I love you. I... Continue Reading →


I’m so scared of being alone forever. No one I know would ever back me up and if you don’t have a best friend by my age, you never will. I don’t talk to anyone, never say what I actually feel. It feels suffocating and overwhelming. It feels like nothing will ever get better, so... Continue Reading →


I am so dumb… I am falling in love with my gym teacher and im not sure what to do. Its kinda weird because im 15 and he’s 36. I know his full name and his phone number (but he doesn’t know that). I have dreams about him and everything. I may have stolen a... Continue Reading →


Kyandi: I love a guy. And he's 210.5km away from me. He's smart, caring, and a very amazing person… He's a great great great man he's got everything i could ask for. He doesn't get the appreciation he deserves. He gets sad as fuck sometimes. But i love him very much. I want him. Everyday.... Continue Reading →


Let's call just call myself near for now 🙂 Good evening peeps, I was writing this at night time haha. I've been down and lost at my life recently and now currently in a state of being in front of the gate where I was before. The "me" where I first suffered "this" when I... Continue Reading →


Dy tala: To my sweetest charles, happy fourth monthsary… I can't really give you anything right now cuz you know we're far away from each other… But will be together in a few months so i just wanna say, thank you so much for sticking with me and for watching and helping me grow as... Continue Reading →


I don't know but I hate myself a lot. I think so I am the most ugliest human being in the whole world. Everyone just leaves me and hates me because I am not like them . Some of my friends feels insulting when they are with me. They ignore me and it really feel... Continue Reading →


I love to wear diapers and to be treated like a baby. My mommy knows, because I no longer hide my diapers or baby things. I'd really like her to change my diapers or help find a sitter for me. I am also trying to become a bedwetter again. I have a hypnosis tape I... Continue Reading →

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